Updated Mac Setup

Conqueror of Completions

I used to use Ale, vim-go and deoplete, supertab for my dev env but I found it a little cumbersome and I found myself fighting it. Especially when getting go references and auto-completion up and running. Had to use a modified LSP for that.

Managing Dotfiles

This was a long time coming. I wanted something cross-compatible with Mac (work) and Linux (home) so I figured why not use docker for all my command line utilities and native for GUI apps?

What’s next?

The next bit I’m going to work on is trying to work out how I make components out of different bits of the system. For example, I may have google-cloud-sdk on one machine but not on another. I want to work out the best way of installing brew packages and setting custom zsh scripts as a selectable component for my dev setup.



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