ArgoCD Notification Tips

  1. Add probes where there were no probes before
  2. Set the spec.minReady option to 30 seconds
- name: on-health-healthy
condition: app.status.sync.status == 'Synced' and == 'Healthy'
template: app-health-healthy
"apiVersion": "",
"kind": "Application",
"metadata": {
"name": "example",
"namespace": "argocd",
"finalizers": [
"annotations": {
"": "slack:deployments",
"author": "<SLACK_ID>",
"environment": "production",
"app_url": "",
"commit_msg": "This is a test commit",
"commit": "aabbcc123"
"title": "App URL",
"value": "{{ `{{.app.metadata.annotations.app_url}}` }}",
"short": true
}, {
"title": "Commit URL",
"value": "<{{ `{{.app.metadata.annotations.commit_url}}` }}|{{ `{{.app.metadata.annotations.commit}}` }}>",
"short": false
}, {
<@{{ `{{}}` }}>




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Harry Panayiotou

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